JMA Consulting uses a variety of open source and proprietary technologies to deliver projects to our clients.

Open Source Websites
We specialize in developing websites using the Drupal content management system. Many of our sites also use CiviCRM for constituent relationship management.

We contribute back to these communities in various ways, including providing assistance to other users, developing specifications for modules, writing and improving documentation, reporting bugs, and submitting patches and modules.

Drupal and CiviCRM are built using PHP. We run our open source websites on servers with Linux operating systems, Apache webservers, and MySQL databases. Other technologies include Smarty templating, AJAX including JavaScript and JQuery, CSS, and XML. We also integrate other technologies, such as displaying mashups of CiviCRM data on GoogleMaps inside Drupal pages.

Microsoft Technologies
JMA Consulting developed and maintains the NDP's software for integrating electronic voters, phone company data, call centre data, and information from various other sources. Microsoft technologies including Access, ADO, and VBA are the basis of this product, which has been used in hundreds of federal and provincial campaigns. Other environmental projects and list management projects have made of use of SQL Server, VB, ASP, and VC++.

Social Networking Applications
Our campaigns have made use of Facebook applications (Facebook is partly owned by Microsoft, and is the most successful social networking property in Canada, used by over 1 in 4 Canadians.) We expect to do further work using the Facebook and OpenSocial APIs.

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