JMA Consulting uses a variety of open source and proprietary technologies to deliver projects to our clients.

Open Source Websites
We are experts in CiviCRM, used by over 11,000 non-profit organizations around the world for constituent relationship management.

We specialize in developing websites using WordPress and Drupal content management systems. We are experienced in developing apps for iOS and Android in Flutter/Dart.

We contribute back to these communities in various ways, including providing assistance to other users, developing specifications for modules, writing and improving documentation, reporting bugs, submitting patches. We have publishing over 100 CiviCRM extensions, Drupal modules, WordPress plugins and Flutter packages.

CiviCRM, WordPress and Drupal are built primarily using PHP, which is our primary language for development. We run our open source websites on servers with Linux operating systems, NGINX or Apache webservers, and MySQL databases, automate deployments with Terraform and ansible, and monitor using icinga2. We also develop in React, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, and XML, and integrate other technologies, such as Apache Solr faceted search, or displaying mashups of CiviCRM data on GoogleMaps.

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