Kashish Lathidadia

Kashish Lathidadia has over six years of experience building mission critical intelligent applications and dashboards with PHP, Node.js and Java, as well as automated reporting and dashboarding with Microsoft Azure, Power Apps, and SharePoint. He is experienced with Office 365 deployment and mail server migration in large organizations, and earned an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate based on his experience using Amazon AWS hosting. Kashish has been developing for CiviCRM, WordPress and Drupal since the fall of 2022.

Kashish grew up in India, has an undergrad in Business Information Systems from RMIT in Australia, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications Development after coming to Canada. He now resides near Toronto, Canada. In his spare time Kashish is restoring an old Lincoln Town Car, learning to play the piano, and pursuing his interest in astrophotography.

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